Recruitment is not about luck. It's about playing your cards right. 


The expertise, resources
and flexibility you need
to make it happen.

You are in a crucial phase of scaling your business. This is your momentum for growth. Now you need the best people out there in the market. Your in recruitment mode.

Imagine that someone already has been there before, someone who knows the drill. Who can scale up your team, hires your next CTO or CMO. Expand your tech team or find the best marketing and sales people out there. To help you building a sustainable recruitment strategy. Something that works now and in the long run.

By equipping you with the right expertise, network, flexibility and resources needed to make it happen. And keep your momentum for growth.

The right recruitment strategy
and execution

We cover both Tech as well as non Tech and can also assist you with your more senior roles.

Besides that,  we have growth hacking and content specialists, to support you on all the employer branding and social media recruitment strategy and execution.

And do you need to cross borders? No problem. We have set up a network of specialists to support on the globe.

By being really tech enabled we can work efficient and effective. We can work whenever, and wherever. Our virtual recruitment team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of:

☑️ experienced 360 recruiters
☑️ experienced executive searchers
☑️ experienced sourcing ninjas
☑️ experienced marketing mavericks and content creators.

Our team consists of industry experts who can help you in every stage of your desired growth. Once we understand your needs, we jump in to help.




Some call it a unique selling point.

18+ years of recruitment experience
500+ people mentored and trained
10.000+ successful hires

Over the last 2 decades we had the pleasure to recruit, train, coach, and mentor over 500 people. Many have continued their professional careers within the business as well as many other industries. Some even started their own successful ventures.

Our recruitment industry knowledge enables our passion of building teams and businesses from scratch. We have failed many times, proud to say we have succeeded from time to time too. We get sh#t done and we're here for the long run.

We call it our competitive advantage.