New Amsterdam Capital, processes personal data in accordance with all laws that apply to the protection of personal data, including the GDPR. Here’s exactly what we do with your personal data.

We process personal data for the purposes of identifying our clients, handling assignments, managing business relationships and marketing, amongst others.


Who’s data do we collect and how?

I. Categories involved

I.A. Candidates

We receive personal data of candidates. These are people either looking for a job, or showing nterest in a specific position after being approached by New Amsterdam Capital.

We collect candidate-data, in a recruitment tool called Recruitee. This is an applicant tracking system that, on its own, fully complies with the applicable privacy regulation (e.g.  GDPR).

Candidate-data is either provided by the candidate himself, filling in the “Little Black Book” application form on the New Amsterdam Capital website, or collected by an employee of New Amsterdam Capital, of course after agreeing to this by the candidate.

I.B. Clients or prospects

We receive and process personal data of (potential) clients. These are companies that have a certain need within the recruitment field and are approached by New Amsterdam Capital, or approach New Amsterdam Capital themselves.

We collect and process personal data of (potential) clients in a CRM tool called Teamleader. This is a CRM tool that, on its own, fully complies with the applicable privacy regulation (e.g. GDPR).

Client data and data from prospects are collected by employees of New Amsterdam Capital and manually added to the CRM tool Teamleader. We do this, only when there has been any form of contact with the company and there is mutual interest in a possible cooperation. This contact could be a call, email-traffic, the application of a form on the New Amsterdam Capital website, meeting or the sharing of a pitch-deck.

I.C. What type of personal data do we process?


  • Contact details (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, LinkedIn profile, CV’s.
  • Any additional information either shared by the candidate in an email or call, or manually applied through the application form on the New Amsterdam Capital website.

Clients or Prospects:

  • Contact details of the contact person(s) of the company (name, phone number, e-mail address, LinkedIn profile, CV’s, role within the company).
  • Company details (office address, phone number, email address).
  • Any additional information shared by the company in an e-mail, meeting or call. This is likely to be specific information, needed by New Amsterdam Capital for recruitment-services.

Candidates, Clients and Prospects:

  • Automatically collected data, i.e. the data collected by our website cookies as specified below and e.g. information whether or not you have opened an e-mail.


Why do we collect data?

II. Reasons for data collection

II.A. To provide our services

In order to provide you and our clients with the best possible services we collect the aforementioned personal data. This data is used only, with your permission and allows us to do our work.

II. B. Marketing activities

We may also use the personal data of candidates, prospects and clients to manage our marketing activities, such as sending newsletters, invitations to events, etc.

II. C. Cookies.

Our website uses cookies to analyse how the site is used, including the number of visitors, how you found your way to our website and the pages you visit as well as the total time you spend on our website. Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer that allow your computer to be recognized by our website.


How long is your data in our systems?

III. Duration of data storage

All candidate, prospect and client data will be stored as long as necessary to provide our services and in order to manage the business relationship between us and the candidate, prospect and client. Personal data will be deleted if you withdraw your consent or object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Who we share your data with?

IV. Possible receivers of your data 

IV.A. Candidate data

Candidate data can only be shared with the company we approached the candidate for, or that the candidate has shown interest in. The data will only be shared with a company upon the candidate’s request.

IV.C Client data

Client data, can be shared with candidates that were approached by New Amsterdam Capital, or that have shown interest in positions at the client’s company. Client data will only be shared upon the client’s request.


Check your data

V. Right to inspect, amend or remove  

Candidates, prospects and clients have the right at any time to have acces  them inspect which of their personal data has been stored in order to verify their accuracy or to ask for them to be supplemented, cancelled, updated or corrected. Such a request should be sent to [insert e-mail address].

In the event that you consider the way in which we process your personal data to be in breach of the applicable legislation, you may lodge a complaint with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Authority regarding our processing of your personal data.


VI. Updates

This Privacy Statement was updated in May 2018. We reserve the right to update and amend this Statement. We may not personally notify you of any changes we make to this Privacy Statement. We kindly ask that your review this Privacy Statement from time to time for possible changes.

If you have any questions or remarks about how we handle data, please feel free to contact us!