Although it’s November, we still have October on our minds.


No we’re not actually referring to the months with this one, one of our early adaptor partners – formerly Lendix, now October – have just undertaken a big rebrand to help them globalize their business.

They decided to go for October because, frankly, it’s a word everyone knows across the globe and helps them step away from sounding like a stuffy lending company, which they are definitely not. To read a little more on the “why October” You can head to their blog.

But what we’re really interested in is highlighting some of the innovations they’ve been ticking away at throughout this whole rebrand, and amazing team they’ve grown here in the Netherlands.

We’ve been working pretty closely with them to help expand by finding the some amazing people to take with them on their journey.

So if you’d like to get involved with this innovative Fintech on the rise to global loaning domination, take a look at the job openings they currently have here.

If you’d like to hear from some of the team about what it’s like to work at October take a look at the links below.

Anna, Marketing & Communications manager

Bas, Credit Risk Director

Jorn, Customer success Manager

Luuc, CEO

Tessa, Outside Sales & Customer Relations

Nick, Outside Sales Executive

Kaan Anit