An accidential company owner..

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Early May I shared my last article with my personal insights. Some wins, some losses. Mainly some learnings.

Now we are getting to the end of June, I would love to share you some of the successes as well. Let me do this by some pictures, videos (and some words). Here we go.


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Our first client (Digital Insurance Group) did not only gave us our first assignment. They gave us the start of New Amsterdam Capital as wel as a 'home' for the first 6 weeks.

In less than 6 weeks we organized their recruitment processes and procedures, helped out on the first key hires and got our first user case, which is definitely worth while reading. 😂


February and March

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50Five was next. They gave us another great project to work on. It also helped us to define 'what it is we want to do': Help scale-ups scale and grown-ups grow.

A close collaboration with both founders from great scale-ups as well as corporate ventures has been our why, what and how. Have a look here what Manfred and Egbert have to say.


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Working closely with some great venture capital firms and partners such as Arco from CNBB gave us an insight on our 'to be developed business model'.

Even though it's been more than 2 years for me to have visited SAASTR in San Francisco, the idea of a sustainable business and business model is the way forward.

Recruit-One, Recruit-More and Recruit-All has been the result of 3 months of hard work and tweaking our product and services. More on this you'll find on our services page.


An accidental company owner

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Well, no longer it's like 'let's see where this takes us'. No longer it is the Tim and Kaan show.

We're in recruitment mode ourselves. With Debbie joining us as our Virtual PA and having our first 'in-house recruitment day', it is time to grow-grow-grow.

You got to check out the career page Tim developed. 👊🚀🔥


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Moving into our new office, expanding the team with Lianne and Justin. We even get our selves a Chief Happiness Officer.

Thanks for the team page Justin. if you want to see all of the office pictures and videos, drop Justin an email (we can't share them all on the internet...)


The end of June

Now we are at the end of June. The end of another quarter and finished our first 6 months.

It has been an amazing 25 weeks and I am proud to see we've gone from one to many new clients. Covering multiple continents and over 10 metropole areas and seeing the business grow is lovely. It is actually !#%* amazing.

But posts like this still is why we do what we do, even though all credits go to the team... 🙏🏻

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What's next?

Celebrating my 45th is one thing I am doing this weekend. And preparing for our next month learnings and successes is what I looking forward too.

If there's anything you can do...

I hope you like what I've shared. Feedback and tips are welcome. Just drop me a line.

On top, if you know any great people, we need help. We're speaking to different people from Spain, Portugal, Germany and the US to name some, but hey: Great people know great people so all of your help is welcome.

#recruiters, #tech-recruiters, #sourcers, #amsterdam, #barcelona, #lisbon, #berlin, #newyork. 🚀🔥🔥🔥

Anyway, enough said.

Kaan Anit