October, a little insight into this Growing Fintech.

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Although “finance” as an industry doesn’t always get everyone’s heart pumping, with these new companies who are innovating the industry now, it’s becoming a space for change, growth and exciting opportunities for those looking for a new challenge within the finance industry.

We’ve recently been helping the team at October (formerly Lendix) find some key players to work in the Netherlands office. As a European company, October comes with the international support but sticks to the small team, scale up mindset - making it a great way to continue a career in the finance industry that’s interesting, different and making a difference for small to medium business owners across Europe. “Working at October is thrilling. Our mission is ‘to empower businesses by simplifying and democratizing their funding. We diversify the way SMEs finance themselves and reduce their dependence on the traditional banks,” says Luuc, CEO of October in the Netherlands. Head here to read more about this company straight from the CEO’s mouth.

We also sat down with some of the other team members in the Amsterdam (that we helped bring together) and asked them why they love working for October.

Bas is the Credit Risk Director of the October Netherlands  team, and he says “I strongly believe that now is the time that alternative players in financial services, in lending services in particular, will accelerate and gain a relevant place in the financial services industry and in some areas even replacing the traditional players.” With past experience in traditional banking - formerly working for ING - Bas is confident that now is the time to get on board with these game-changing FinTechs. If you want to read more of Bas’s story, click here.

Their Marketing & Communications Manager Anna, says “At October I have the best of both worlds; working in a small and ambitious team that has the responsibility of making the October-product work in the Netherlands, while being part of a larger and international company.” And we couldn’t agree more. During our time working with them we could see the connection they have with their international teams, as well as being given the opportunity to innovate in a small tight knit team in the Netherlands. If you’re interested to read more about what Anna has to say, click here to read her interview.

Next we spoke to Jorn, who is the Customer Success Manager of October Nederland. He says “The journey is new for everyone and should also be enjoyable for everyone. There is room to make things your own and even as one of the younger employees, I enjoy a lot of freedom in how I get things done, as long as they get done ;). And the best thing: you can actually see the results…”. With this flexibility he finds he can really grow his career and get the job done in supportive and challenging way. Head here to read more about Jorn and his journey so far at October.

When it comes to growing a new business however, work needs to be done in the sales department. With two great team members working on sales, October is set to grow. Tessa, who works on Outside Sales & Customer Relations says “It gives me a lot of energy that we are building a new company in the Netherlands, but with a proven business model in France, Italy and Spain.” and then Nick, who is an Outside Sales Executive, agrees, saying; “The team is young and driven to establish a firm position in the Dutch lending market which gives a lot of energy to come to work every day!”. If you want to read a little more on Tessa’s story click here, or if you’re interested to hear from Nick, head here for more insight.

We still have some great roles at October and are looking for people who want to join the team and help grow and develop the company.  So if the team has piqued your enthusiasm, we would love to hear from you.

Click here to see the current job openings, or get in touch with Tim to have a conversation about how we can help.


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