7 Questions with Nick Verboom from October


Meet Nick, Nick is Octobers Inside Sales Executive, he’s one of the candidates we helped find for the team. We asked Nick a few questions about what it’s like at October since he joined the team.

When did you start working for October?

I started working for October on October 1st 2018 - nice date to start for October :)

What do you do at October?

I am the Inside Sales Executive at October NL. So I am responsible for structuring all the incoming borrower lending applications, assessing them, getting them approved by credit and communicating with our borrowers and business introducers.

What did you do before?

I was an international management trainee at ING Bank working in both Amsterdam and Frankfurt. At ING I fulfilled a couple of roles mainly in the lending business like Industry Lending and Project Finance.

How do you find working at October?

So far it’s been a really cool ride at October. The team is young and driven to establish a firm position in the Dutch lending market which gives a lot of energy to come to work every day!

Can you describe the company culture?

The culture is very open and direct. I feel part of every discussion we have which makes the culture also very inclusive. The colleagues are super driven with loads of positive energy. It’s really nice to experience this vibe.

What would you like to achieve with October?

I am driven to make October the go-to platform in the Dutch lending business. Companies should always consider us when looking for funding. As a Sales Executive I feel I am in the right position to play an active role in shaping this position for October NL!

Why should others join October as well?

We are a Fintech company on a mission to enrich the still traditional lending market in NL with a data-and-tech driven offering. Our model is the future in my opinion and makes us unique. Through technology we empower SME’s across Europe to get significant funding while simultaneously enabling retail investors getting control over what to do with their savings money and at the same time making a decent return.

If you’d like to join Nick and the rest of the team at October, get in touch with Tim, or take a look at the current job openings here.

Kaan Anit