7 Questions with Jorn van Duijnhoven from October


Meet Jorn. Jorn is another of the team members we found for October. He’s a Customer Success Manager and we asked him a few questions to see how it’s been since he’s joined.

When did you start working for October?

2 and a half months ago, when we were still Lendix


What do you do at October?

I am the customer success manager for the Netherlands, which means I am responsible for the Dutch retail investors on the platform. In short, I do my best to make the stay on the platform of our retail investors a success, not only from their point of view, but also from the point of view of the platform. I help retail investors when they have questions, write content, identify points of improvement; everything concerning the retail investors!


What did you do before?

I was a full-time Master student in business administration.


How do you find working at October?

I really like working at October. I think we have a good value proposition for our borrowers and our investors. October provides a dynamic, international work-environment in which there are short lines between the different departments and management, both nationally and internationally. At October everyone strives to deliver the best service and to always keep improving. We learn as we do, which means we can make a mistake sometimes, but this is accepted and learned from. The journey is new for everyone and should also be enjoyable for everyone. There is room to make things your own and even as one of the younger employees, I enjoy a lot of freedom in how I get things done, as long as they get done ;). And the best thing: you can actually see the result of the things that you get done.


Can you describe the company culture?

At October everyone is friendly and approachable, there is room for asking questions, suggesting improvements and challenging the way things get done, which is integral to one of our values to always improve. It is expected that everyone does their best to contribute to the success of October, but there is also room for “good times”. At October we strive to be transparent, to each other and to the outside. And finally, the customer is in the first place. Whatever we do at October, we always have the customer in the first place.


What would you like to achieve with October?

Naturally, I want October to be the most successful lending platform, first in The Netherlands, then in Europe. With the best experience for our clients.


Why should others join October as well?

To be part of an enjoyable journey and to shape the journey as we are still in the starting-phase. To work in a great team with talented and experienced people to learn from. To be autonomous, get responsibilities and see their outcome directly in the performance of October, thereby contributing to the growth of SMEs and enabling people to achieve higher returns on their savings.

If you’d like to have a chat to us about working with October, we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch with Tim or take a look at the current openings here. 

Kaan Anit