7 Questions with Bas Vanhorick from October


Meet Bas, Bas is one of the great candidates we placed at October at their team based in the Netherlands. He’s working as their Credit Risk Director, which is an important role for the success of the company.

When did you start working for October?

I started working for October in august this year, as the second person to join October in the Netherlands.

What do you do at October?

I’m the Credit Risk Director, I am responsible for the approval of loans we grant SME companies in the Netherlands to help them develop and grow their business and on the other hand to present solid investment opportunities to our lenders.

What did you do before?

Before joining October, I have been working for ING in the Netherlands and France for almost 10 years and prior to that for Fortis in Belgium and the Netherlands, mainly in the SME business, setting up and managing teams and growing the business and providing loans and other banking services to SME’s in these countries. 

How do you find working at October ?

October’s philosophy and mindset, but especially its people make this a truly great place to work. I like achieving success and having fun doing so. I have found both at October and I am convinced that we will continue this way and I am excited to be part of that!

What do you see happening within the financial services industry, especially with Fintech?

Over the years I have seen the financial industry changing at an ever increasing pace. Driven by an increasing gap between customer needs and the offering of traditional banks on the one hand, and digital innovation on the other hand. I strongly believe that now is the time that alternative players in financial services in general but in Lending services in particular, will accelerate and gain a relevant place in the financial services industry and in some areas even replacing the traditional players.

Why should others join October as well?

Being part of the start-up team in the Netherlands presents a real opportunity to impact the direction of the company in a relevant way and your actions will directly contribute to the success or failure of the company. As one of the more professional and serious players in the European market, October is well positioned to become a dominant player.

If you’d like to work with Bas, we are looking for multiple Credit Risk Analysts to join his team. Get in touch with Tim to learn more, or take a look here to see the current open roles.

Kaan Anit