7 Questions with Anna Van Nes from October


Meet Anna, we found Anna for the role of Marketing Communications Manager with the Netherlands based team for October. We thought it would be great to ask Anna a little about her experience with October.

When did you start working for October?

October 15th

What do you do at October?

I am the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Dutch October team. This includes creating awareness for the October brand and getting relevant traffic to the October platform. For this I develop marketing initiatives and campaigns (using on- and offline marketing).

What did you do before?

Before October I worked for the utilities company (Essent), then I moved on to the online industry at eBay, and after this I was curious to find out more about the non-profit sector. I have always enjoyed working for various sectors and different types of companies. Working for a fintech start-up in crowd lending is a great new challenge.

How do you find working at October?

At October I have the best of both worlds; working in a small and ambitious team that has the responsibility of making the October-product work in the Netherlands, while being part of a larger and international company. This means I have lots of interaction with colleagues in France, Italy and Spain which gives me the opportunity to exchange marketing expertise and knowledge, get new insights, and use it locally in the Netherlands. 

Can you describe the company culture?

The culture of October is informal, open and driven. The Dutch team has just been set up, everyone in the team is determined to make October the number 1 crowdlending platform in the Netherlands. We work hard to get the job done, exchange new ideas and have good discussions with a great balance between strategic thinking and hands-on tasks. But, besides the hard work, we also enjoy our Friday after-work drinks and have a good laugh. 

What would you like to achieve with October?

October has just launched in the Netherlands. I believe in the product and the mission of October and am extremely excited to make October an established name in the Dutch market and help the Dutch SME grow.

Why should others join October as well?

Join October to be part of the largest SME lending platform of Continental Europe and work with us to make it a great success in the Netherlands! It is really exciting to be part of a company that is the start-up phase in the Netherlands. Also, a cool office (WeWork building) and intelligent and fun team.

If you’d like to know a little more about the opportunities currently at October, please get in touch with Tim, he would love to have a chat or take a look here to the current openings.

Kaan Anit