Beamery joins forces with us!


We are the first in the Netherlands to be utilizing the full Beamery recruiting suite for candidate engagement… and w'e’re pretty excited about it.

Haven’t heard of Beamery before? Well if you’re in our world you should change that stat.

Beamery is a beast when it comes to candidate journey, the kind of beast you want to have playing for your team. As a CRM platform, it is something that gives recruiters more insight, transparency and organizational power – for both their benefit and their clients.

 As communication is king in this day and age, we are working on ways to be able to make this communication more targeted and more relevant for our candidates and our clients, really helping ensure that we are connecting the right people.  

With Beamery, we are not only able to track the candidate journey from initial call all the way to hire; we can also see which messaging works best for the potential candidates within each profession, or with each of our client partners. This is a great insight to have, as you can truly have a clear oversight on what works and doesn’t, making sure you always put your best foot forward.

We will also be looking to use Beamery to collate relevant talent pools, to the benefit of our candidates – which means helping them in the long run, not just on a job-to-job basis.

Basically, Beamery is going to allow us to do what we do best – work with people to get the results. Our focus is always on the people, both clients and candidates, helping grow both Scale-ups and careers. Now we can do that with less worry and time spent on the admin side, applying laser focus to what really matters.

So beam us up Scotty! We can’t wait to get started with this CRM system, actively working as the trailblazers in the Netherlands! ­

If you’re hitting your growth phase and realizing you’re in need of some Beamery-powered recruitment services, get in touch to see what we can do for you…

Words by Margaux Black


Kaan Anit