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What we do

You know building a successful company is more than having a great vision, strategy and execution. In the end it is about getting the right people on board. 

The added value we bring is simple: Getting you the right people. At New Amsterdam Capital we will find you your ‘one of hires’ of A players or build your entire team.  We help scale-ups scale and grown-ups grow, we are looking forward working with you.

The quality of candidates through New Amsterdam Capital was very high as they helped us get the profiles very sharp in terms of skills and behavior. For all positions we were able to pick and choose.
— Manfred Klumpenaar, Founder @ 50five
If your company is growing, I would definitely recommend New Amsterdam Capital. They helped us find amazing people and got our recruitment system up and running.
— Chris Bakker, Founding CPO @ Digital Insurance Group
As a CEO you know what you want your team to be like. They helped me understand which people could help me achieve that.
— Sven van der Biezen, Founder & CEO @ Invoice Finance
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Who we work for.

We believe the brightest founders and entrepreneurs will turn their disruptive ideas into world-changing businesses. 



You're on a mission to change the world, innovate or disrupt and become the next unicorn. We simply love this.
You have created a company ready to scale or having the momentum already. You know your strengths and believe people do make the difference.

digital shapers

You’re at a corporate and understand the need of digital transformation. It is no longer about your company, product or service. It is all about your end-users.
You have your stakeholders and board agreeing that change is the only option.


As a Venture Capitalist, Private Equity Specialist or Professional Investor you've done your research and due diligence. We trust your knowledge and expertise. We’re here to help you get return on investment by recruiting the best people for your portfolio companies.

Not your
traditional recruitment firm

When you work with us, you’ll see that our firm is built for (and by) entrepreneurs.

We're here to help you grow. We have managed to develop a fully bootstrapped set of services to support our clients, in whatever stage they are.

From a single key hire to expanding entire teams, all the way to setting up the recruitment processes and procedures: we’ve been there, done that. We team up with you and get sh#t done!


Our expertise

Being entrepreneurs ourselves we understand that building a successful company is about getting (and keeping) the right people on board. 



Two decades of experience in recruitment, helps us work efficiently for your business. Wether you're looking for a few senior people, or putting together an entire team, we work 'hit-the-ground-running'. We involve all stakeholders to get up to speed on who you're looking for and what you're trying to achieve. 



Recruiting is one thing, getting people to stay is another. We are not here to just fill vacancies, we help you build sustainable teams. We advise you on processes and best-practices you can implement straight away. Anything from on-boarding to company structures that get the best out of your team. 


As an entrepreneur, you have a vision on what you want your company to be like now, in the near future and on the longer term. We know bringing in new people will change the dynamics within your company, and we can help you manoeuvre through those changes.


So why us?

Over the last 2 decades we had the pleasure to recruit, train, coach and mentor over 500 people. Many have continued their professional careers within the business as well as many other industries. Some even started their own successful ventures.

Our recruitment industry knowledge enables our passion of building teams and businesses from scratch. We have failed many times, proud to say we have succeeded from time to time too. We get sh#t done and we're here for the long run.



Years experience in recruitment


people mentored and trained


successful hires 


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