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Hi there! Thanks for your interest in New Amsterdam Capital. Q1 is about to end, and we wanted to share a quick update about what we did, how we did it, and what we've accomplished. 

Has it been 3 months already?

Some call it experience, we call it our competitive advantage.

Q1 started of from scratch. Well that's not entirely true. 18 years experience in the business sure gave us the kick-start we needed. The goal was to work, learn and improve, to end up with our 'MVP' to start Q2 with. And so we did. 


What we've accomplished


In the first 3 months we were able to help 7 companies with their recruitment challenges. Because these were all very different companies, we were able to learn a lot and get a clear picture on what is needed, per company. 

Companies like Digital Insurance Group, an amazing Dutch scale up that was in need of a team of a-players to enable them in their growth after a big merger. We came in, booked results in terms of hires, recruitment advise, and the ability to take over the process from us, from the moment we felt we were not needed anymore. We set up their processes and now they are able to do it on their own. When you feel like it, you can read all about this project in our case study

Then, there were companies like 50five, an e-commerce company that started as a corporate venture from Engie. Starting with 20 open vacancies, we're happy to say we just reached our 5th hire in the first few weeks, and we are not done yet. That's five people that found an amazing new job, and a company that can grow even quicker!


And there were other great projects...

...that we handled with just as much passion, time and effort. Finding an amazing Business Developer for Ad-tech start-up WeAdapt, was a great challenge, but by working efficient and closely together with the team there, we managed!

Another great example is ViaVan. After raising a lot of funding, they decided to make the move from New York to Amsterdam and we are helping them to set up in our home-town. 

To make a long story short, we touched 10 different industries, on 4 different continents, but all with 1 similar mission; bringing the best people on board. 

Besides helping these amazing companies and meeting a lot of interesting people, we also did what we came here to do; get a clear picture on our proposition and being able to tell you how we can help your business. 

Finding a-players is not based on luck. It’s playing your cards right.

If you're interested in working with us (wether it is for your own company, or one or more of your ventures), you can read exactly how we can help in your specific situation in only a few slides:


First signs of growth

Looking forward to Q2, there is a lot that needs to be done still. The goal is still to help the brightest investors, founders and entrepreneurs by accomplishing their goals.

We're very happy Debbie joined us recently to be our ultimate jack-of-all-trades. She helps out wherever she can. Officially it's called 'virtual PA', however we see her as a full on team-member!

However, we are actively looking for A-players to join our team. What do we think is an A-player? Have a look here and apply if your interested.  


Thank you


We would like to thank a few people for helping us in any way during these first few months.

First of all, all the people at the amazing companies that put their trust in us and gave us the warm welcome we needed to get going.

Then, all the people that took the time to sit down with us, challenging our ideas and pointing us into the right direction.

And last, but not least, all the amazing candidates we've worked with. We spoke to over 500 people who showed interest in the jobs we were managing. Thanks for that! Whether it was a match or not, we hope we helped you in some way to make a move. 

Thank you. We look forward to what Q2 will bring us. This was a lot of 'us telling you', but we would love to hear from you too. Hopefully we can welcome you soon, to New Amsterdam Capital. 


Debbie, Quentine, Tim & Kaan.