Gearing up for growth

Project: January 1st 2018 - March 2018

Goals: Expanding the Amsterdam and Berlin team. 5-10 hires. 

Chris Bakker - Co-founding CPO Digital Insurance Group.

If your company is growing, I would definitely recommend New Amsterdam Capital. They helped us find amazing people and got our recruitment system up and running.
— Chris Bakker

The challenge

Chris: "At the end of last year, we realized we needed to grow our team by 5-10 people as soon as possible. We had just signed a big project and needed extra man-power in various departments to enable our growth for 2018. 

We didn't have anything in place for recruitment purposes internally, and we’re not looking for an external recruitment agency, because we knew that it would take a lot of time managing such a partner. 

The positions we were looking to fill were senior positions in Design, HR, Product and Development. It is always hard to find such people, especially people that also match our company on a personal level. No one internally had the time and know-how to manage the recruitment process, and we needed these extra people preferably within 8 weeks". 


Working with New Amsterdam Capital

"Our first meeting with New Amsterdam Capital was very good and pretty quick, we were convinced that this was the right way of working for us. 

After a few days of onboarding, and discussions about the profiles we were looking for together with the guys from New Amsterdam Capital they were ready to start. They immediately managed and installed a recruitment tool that we could all work with and everything went very fast. The communication with the team was always extremely good. We don’t always have a lot of time, but I really liked how New Amsterdam Capital kept chasing us for answers. This is exactly what is needed in a fast moving environment like ours. They were always on stand-by for us, and we noticed they were even working for us outside of business hours. 

We were very happy with the network New Amsterdam Capital has. Especially the senior profiles, are hard to find and normally very expensive to find as well. Because NAC has a huge network, we could benefit from their first degree connections". 



"The results came pretty quickly. The candidates were of a high level, and because they took care of the first screening, it saved us a lot of time. They only introduced people to us, who were very interesting and relevant, instead of pushing candidates. On average we had interviews with 2-4 people per vacancy. This was great, because I rather speak to 2 very interesting candidates, than having to go through 10 who don’t really match. New Amsterdam Capital was always there to support us in making the right choices of hiring, also helping us think about the long term team we had in mind. 

We were happy to hire 6 new people within 7 weeks and we finished the project with New Amsterdam Capital in 8 weeks, while we estimated 13! They have taught us how to take care of recruitment and showed us the ropes to take it on ourselves now. 

If your company is looking for people, key hires or an entire team, I would definitely recommend New Amsterdam Capital. They help you find the right people and get your internal recruitment system up and running, for you to take over after a few months. 

This solution brought us amazing people, and saved us time and energy so we can focus on what we’re really good at".


About DIG

Digital Insurance Group is a young and dynamic scale-up funded by top US and European VC's and by one of the largest global insurance groups. We work hard on innovation for the insurance industry with the newest technology and fast release cycles. The ultimate goal is to disrupt insurance across the world, and positively impact the lives of millions of people by delivering peace of mind when it comes to managing your insurance in a truly digital way. DIG delivers a fully-digital insurance experience to end-customers and partners such as banks, brokers, media companies and insurers, allowing all businesses to digitally distribute insurance to their customers.