Where do you want to take your career? 

On our mission to support unique founders and teams with unique people and help them to grow into amazing, sustainable companies, we can only afford a team of A-players.

We believe culture eats strategy. For us to accelerate as a company we need people who can and want to accelerate too. A team of A-players will not only give New Amsterdam Capital the BHAG*, it will help us all to reach our now individual goals and objectives in live.

* The BHAG (big hairy auditions goal) is a term used by the famous management guru Jim Collins. It is your dot at the horizon. If you know where you want to go, you most likely know what to do to get there. 


Building a team of a-players.


Tell us, is this you?

Our team of A-players is either experienced, or eager to learn. Besides that, the qualities below should sound very familiar to you. 



You know the whereabouts of this amazing city. But, although we are local, we act global.



You're digital minded and tech-savvy. Basically, you're an online animal.



We're all about ownership. We'll give you the freedom you want, as long as you can handle it.


Work smart

We think 'work hard, play hard' is nonsense. We play hard, by working smart. 


Think big

We work with the best VC's and entrepreneurs. The world is our playground.



We take our responsibility. We never cut corners. 


Our journey starts here.



Hit the apply button and leave us your details.



Impress us during a quick phone interview.



Put everything you have into our assessment. 


Show up

Let's really get to know each other face-to-face (and enjoy an amazing coffee).  

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Where do you want to take your career?

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