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Project: February 2018 - current

Goals: Expanding the team in eindhoven both commercial and tech, 15-20 hires.

Egbert Hietberg - Director Marketing & Sales
Manfred Klumpenaar - COO & Founder

“We had established a strong employer brand, but we found it hard to attract the right people. The quality of candidates through New Amsterdam Capital was very good as they listened very good to our wishes in terms of skills and behavior. For all positions we were able to pick and choose.”
— Manfred

The challenge

Egbert: "50five is growing internationally and after growing 1400% in the last few years, we found ourselves at the crossroads of building a team to bring us to the next phase. For our business it is important to have a team of people who understand retail, e-commerce and are entrepreneurial, and that can be hard to find”.
Manfred: “On recruitment, we had some stuff already in place. For example, we put a lot of effort in building a strong employer brand. We want our team to be happy with their work and be true ambassadors. Also we tried working with several agencies before. However, we still struggled to attract the perfect matches. Also we just did not have the manpower in-house to be fully committed to recruitment and bring in high numbers of applicants.”

Working with New Amsterdam Capital

Manfred: "We met the New Amsterdam Team in February for the first time at our office in Eindhoven. We had a good conversation in which all the line-managers were able to express their needs and the problems they were running into in their own teams. This, basically to give New Amsterdam Capital a kick-start.”

Egbert: “Within a few days, we were happy to see that New Amsterdam Capital had set up a great careers-page for us, with all the open jobs. It was spot-on, sharing our established employer brand! The team also explained to us, how their Applicant Tracking System worked, and we liked the transparency. They gave us access to the system, so we are able to have a look at what’s going on at any time.

Over the weeks, we started noticing how dedicated New Amsterdam Works. Our days are pretty full and often we are only available in the evening or the really early morning. Our contact person at New Amsterdam Capital was always available by phone, and never cut corners on bringing us up to date, and pointing us in the right direction. It is just really nice to know someone is working on your behalf, and really dedicating himself to bring you the best results.”


Within the first 8 weeks, we were able to achieve the first 6 hires, both on Tech and Non-tech. We always work according to the priority of the company. Our work is not done yet, and the project is still active. We are even proud to say that we are extending our project with 50five, as the working-relationship has been very much appreciated from both sides.

Manfred: “I like how New Amsterdam Capital always thinks together with us. When the pressure was off, by hiring the first key positions, they suggested to extend the project but on a lower intensity than how we started off. This is what you need as a company to work in full partnership!”

About 50five

'Smart advice for every smart device'.

Meet 50five: the #1 authority in smart home.
Home automation offers connected devices enhancing the comfort in your home. From efficient heating and energy saving to endless lighting possibilities, attentive security solutions and smart audio devices, all connected to your smartphone. If you can’t or don’t have the time to install the connected devices, we can also do it for you.

As the smart home authority, we aim to make smart home accessible to anyone. To support the team we have joined to attract the talent that is needed for 50five to grow. Currently we have great positions in Eindhoven as well as in Chesterfield.

Manfred Klumpenaar - COO & Founder 50five

Manfred Klumpenaar - COO & Founder 50five

Egbert Hietberg - Commercial Director 50five

Egbert Hietberg - Commercial Director 50five